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Los Angeles Center Studios

This studio is not open for any public access.

Official website: http://www.lacenterstudios.com/

Productions shot at Los Angeles Center Studios

Feature Film (13)

The Jungle Book2016Jon FavreauIMDB Database page about The Jungle Book
The entire movie was shot on soundstages at the LA Center Studios
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire2009Paul WeitzIMDB Database page about Cirque du Freak: The Vampire
Where the Wild Things Are2009Spike JonzeIMDB Database page about Where the Wild Things Are
Die Hard 4.02007Len WisemanIMDB Database page about Die Hard 4.0
The office block at LA Center Studios was used as the FBI Headquarters
Constantine2005Francis LawrenceIMDB Database page about Constantine
Domino2005Tony ScottIMDB Database page about Domino
Elektra2005Rob BowmanIMDB Database page about Elektra
The Aviator2004Martin ScorseseIMDB Database page about The Aviator
Adaptation2002Spike JonzeIMDB Database page about Adaptation
Planet of the Apes2001Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Planet of the Apes
The One2001James WongIMDB Database page about The One
Charlie's Angels2000McGIMDB Database page about Charlie
Fight Club1999David FincherIMDB Database page about Fight Club

TV Series (4)

American Crime Story2016 - Scott Alexander, Larry KaraszewskiIMDB Database page about American Crime Story
Interiors for the court scenes and LAPD offices are filmed here.
Mad Men2007-2015Matthew WeinerIMDB Database page about Mad Men
Boomtown2002-2003Graham YostIMDB Database page about Boomtown
The X-Files1993 - 2002Chris CarterIMDB Database page about The X-Files

Music Video (1)

Miley Cyrus: Fly on the Wall2008